Strengthens brands & increases sales.

Mevo is a communications platform that assists brands by motivating and improving proficiency in the sales force.


– The impact of what we do is not over the day the competition ends. My father is still brand ambassador for one of his old favorites - over 30 years after he quit the tire industry.

Kent R. Bråthen Managing Director & Advisor, MEVO

We help our customers create brand ambassadors.

We know that knowledge breeds confidence, and confidence improves the sales experience. As a brand, you must make sure stores staff know your products and enjoy selling them. It is important that what you want to convey about your brand reaches the people who actually meet the customer. There is usually a long distance between the distributor and the retailer. We make sure you connect directly, and that what is communicated is both motivational and educational. The content of the campaign is just as important as how the campaigns are presented.

An app

We need to connect with retailers right where they are, and on their own terms. It must be fun to learn. Mevo combines sales competitions, quizzes, surveys, videos and messages, with points and incentives that we recognize from digital games.

It is minimal work for store managers and other participating customers. All the information is collected in one place. The app is customized for each brand and adapts with launches, new seasons and the like. You are presenting and promoting your brand exactly the way you want, to some of the most important people you know - those who sell your products.

The seller and the designer

We at Mevo have decades of experience in the industry, but from quite different standpoints. Our General Manager, Kent, has worked in sales and distribution for 20 years and has a thorough knowledge of what really motivates sellers.

Kristian is a designer and creative director, and has received the Award for Design for his work. He has also owned and operated his own design studio since 2001, which means that we at Mevo have access to an entire team of designers, web developers, and copywriters, ready to solve whatever there might be of challenges.


ALL respondents say that they have learned something new, and as much as 73% say they have learned a lot.

The start up

In spring 2015, we made the decision. Innovation Norway (Innovasjon Norge ) has supported us all the way, and our pilot customers, Miele, Salomon and Komono, have been crucial to our success. They have contributed with knowledge, commitment, and a burning desire to find easier and better methods to reach our goals. The results have been extremely good.

In a survey conducted among the participants in one of the pilots, everyone responded that they have learned something from being involved. 73% said they had learned a lot. They also said they were all very satisfied with the app, 63% said they were extremely satisfied.

We are very proud that Miele, Salomon, and Komono have chosen to join us further. Thanks to you, and thanks to Innovation Norway (Innovasjon Norge)!

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