Strengthens brands & increases sales

Mevo is a communications platform that assists brands by motivating and improving proficiency in the sales force.

All-in-one app

With a single app, you can meet retailers right where they are - with your message, presented your way. You communicate directly, cutting out the middleman. All information about rules, rewards, etc.  are available for the users at any time. The users themselves can register sales, solve quizzes, monitor rankings, and read or send messages. If they wish to do so on the bus commute to work or on the sofa at home is completely up to them.


  • follow activity and progress
  • communicate directly
  • send messages - give praise
  • share charts with colleagues

Arrange contests with overview and insight.



5 questions you need to ask yourself.

Tips about setting up sales contests


A management tool

The Admin Panel gives you, the organizer, a Real-Time overview of sales and activity. See who has had a successful start, and who needs a little push. Get better acquainted with the store and its employees. It's simple to send messages to those who deserve a clap on the shoulder. Direct communication with the participants means that you have very little need to involve the customer in the process, you can do all the work yourself. Easy!

The sales competition

Motivate as many as possible with great rewards. Give points for sales. The rankings give the participants a real-time overview, which makes it exciting to follow along. They can easily see who is doing well in their own shop, as well as their own total ranking. They can also see how the stores or departments stack up to one another. By combining this with a multi-level rewards program, you can ensure that the competition is exciting for everyone.


Knowledge is a very important part of Mevo. Give quiz points throughout a marketing campaign. Points are a motivating factor, and makes it fun to learn. You can also create surveys to find out what the participants think about your promotions, or how satisfied they are with customer service. Certifications can also be included.


Send information about marketing campaigns and new products, or congratulations on a great sale. Participants can also send you messages with videos or pictures. Give extra points for the picture of "the best display window".

A Mevo campaign - We assist you

We assist customers with planning and implementing campaigns. By combining your knowledge of the brand and our knowledge of sales competitions and training in various branches, together we achieve great results. Our goal is to create new brand ambassadors in each and every campaign.

Contact us to find out how we can reach your retailers with your message.


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